Cause-related marketing is a great way for companies to create excellent goodwill for their brand, and show customers/users the company is socially conscious and willing to do their part to contribute to social good.

About Us

Apps Donate is an initiative by Aanicca Ventures Inc., that helps users, and app developers do their part in contributing to worthy causes.

The process is simple- AdCommunal, our performance based ad network, will advertise and promote your app on a cost per install basis, and only charge you per install. The user is shown a an itnerstital page or an app wall, where they will be informed that when they install and check out your app, a contribution of $0.05 USD will be made towards a charitable cause such as KIVA: a non-profit organization that provides interest free micro loans to low-income entrepreneurs globally.

Use AppsDonate to:

  • Acquire Users – encourages the user to try the app as their actions will contribute to social good.
  • Create good will – towards the app developer as well as the site/app where it is promoted.
  • Monetize your users – No SDK integration required by the publisher.

No additional charges for the advertiser – only regular CPI
Apps Donate……….cause we care!

In addition to the good-will associated with the app, the user would be more likely to spend money on in-app purchases in the future, knowing that they are supporting a socially conscious company.

Opportunities for re-engagement exists, where the developer can work with us to send their users push notifications, encouraging them to re-engage with the app, in order to make additional contributions to the cause.



Are you looking for new users? Here is your way to acquire new users while telling them that you are socially consicous. AppsDonate is a new product where NON Incent traffic is driven to your app, through our AppsDonate platform / microsites. If the user decides to install and try out your app, we make a contribution to a charitable cause. The advantage of this program is it encourages the user to try the app as their actions will contribute to social good. As it doesn’t provide a direct reward to the user, the user will be compelled to try the app only if are truly interested in it. This initiative also creates good will towards the advertsier/ app developer as well as the site where it is promoted, as the user sees the medium as being socially conscious. There will not be any extra charges for you, as we make the contribution from the CPI.


Publishers.. Here is a new way to generate revenue from your users, that can actually benefit, the users as well! Lets face it.. users are tired of seeing ads. Unless it speaks directly to them, or if they have the least bit of interest in the ad, they will almost always completely ignore it, and even perhaps get annoyed by it. Apps Donate is a platform for you to generate revenue for your app/site, that has shown to outperform regular display ads. With Apps donate, we do show the user ads for apps, but we appeal to a user’s humanitarian side, and create a value exchange. We tell them that in exchange for them checking out the ad/app, we will make a donation to a charity as a result of their actions. Generally, people love to do good, especially if it doesnt cost them anything. Not only will they be doing their part, they will also be creating a good feeling for themselves, or having contibuted to social good.


Do you have a social media following on Instagram, Twitter, FB, or the like, with over 5K followers? Like it or not, you are an influencer among your network. You have worked hard to get your followers, and here is your opportunity to generate some revenue from your users, while having them enjoy the experience as well. At Apps Donate, we work with App Developers who are looking for additional users to install their app. When you register as an influener with AppsDonate, we send you an app to review, and you review it on your social media. When your followers see the review, and install the app with your custom link, we pay you! In addition to that, for every app that is installed, we also make a contribution to a charitable cause. Your users follow you as they like you, and they enjoy your feed. As such, they would only like you more when they see that you are contributing to social good! Sign up now and let us show you how to monetize your users using AppsDonate, and appeal to their humanitarian side.



Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions, we have answers! If you are still unclear about something feel free to contact us.

Simply click on the Advertiser link in the top menu bar and register as an advertiser.

We only charge on a Cost Per Install (CPI) basis, where you only pay when the user installs and opens the app. There is no other charge. We take a portion of the CPI you provide and contribute that portion to the charitable cause.

You pay us per install. We contribute to the charitable cause from that payout, on your behalf.

At this time, we are doing a flat 5 cents per install, regardless of the CPI. However, the higher the CPI you are able to offer, the more traffic we can provide.

We have access to 36 billion ad impressions per day from the exchanges we are integrated with, and can target any country – as long as the CPI is high enough for us to sustain the media buy.
We have traffic from iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices.

As the user is engaged with the ad and the messaging, we find there to be higher value from a user acquired through our channel. While the install of the app is usually free, the user would be more inclined to spend money on in-app purchases on the app, as they would be supporting an app that supports social causes.

While you have the option to place a banner ad promoting the apps donate app wall, you can also use a text link (eg: Install to donate) and save valuable banner real-estate that you can still use for other ads. As a banner link, or a text link, you do not need an SDK.

Yes, once volume justifies it, we can customize the wall for you.

Simply click on the “Publisher” link on the top menu bar and register as a publisher at