Cause-related marketing is a great way for companies to create excellent goodwill for their brand, and show customers/users the company is socially conscious and willing to do their part to contribute to social good.

About Us

Ads Donate is a tool that helps websites & their online visitors, do their part in contributing to worthy causes, without costing them anything extra.

The process is simple-
AdsDonate gives website publishers their own virtual marketplace for their visitors, that provides their visitors special offers from large brands such as Apple, Audiobooks, Nutrisystem and many others.

The visitors are shown that, when they take advantage of these special offers, a donation is made to a specified charity.

We strongly believe that people will not hesitate to support charities, especially if it does not involve extra cost or effort.

As visitors take advantage of these offers, the website publisher earns a commission, plus a specified charity receives a donation!

Ads Donate……….cause we care!

AdsDonate benefits everyone!

Brands- Acquire new users

Charities- Receive additional donations

Your visitors- Get Special deals from reputable brands plus they feel great about supporting social good Katie: (42)

As a publisher, you benefit from: Offering more value to your visitors,generating incremental revenue Creating significant good will for your business and associating yourself with top brands!

All this- driving stronger loyalty - & repeat visits!

AdsDonate is an all around WIN-WIN solution!



Are you looking for new users? Here is your way to acquire new users while telling them that you are socially conscious. AdsDonate provides website publishers a marketplace for their sites, where their users can find exclusive deals and special offers from advertisers such as yourself. As an advertiser, you only pay when you acquire a new user! There are no other fees! You simply pay a flat fee (Cost Per Acquisition) per new user. We pay the publisher for that user you have just acquired, plus we make a contribution to a specified charity. The advantage of this program is it encourages the user to try your service, as their actions will contribute to social good. As it does not provide a direct reward to the user, the user will be compelled to try your service only if are truly interested in it. This initiative not only creates good will for the publisher, but also great good will towards the advertiser, as the user sees the advertiser as being socially responsible. There will no extra charges for the advertiser, as we make the contribution from the CPA/payout.


Do you own a website? Here is a new way to generate revenue from your users, that can benefit the users as well! Let’s face it... users are tired of seeing ads. Hence the reason from the increasing use of adblockers. Unless an ad speaks directly to them, or if they have the least bit of interest in the ad, they will almost always completely ignore it, and even perhaps get annoyed by it. AdsDonate is a platform for you to generate revenue for your website, that has shown to outperform regular display ads. With AdsDonate, we offer your site visitors various deals and offers for them to take advantage of. We also inform them that when they do, a donation is made to a specified charity as a result of their actions. Generally, people love to do good, especially if it doesn’t cost them anything. Not only will they be taking advantage of a great deal, they will also be doing their part and contributing to social good.



Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions, we have answers! If you are still unclear about something feel free to contact us.


Simply click hereto sign up as an advertiser on our sister network, AdCommunal, and we will get back to you shortly..

We only charge on a Cost Per Action/Acquisition (CPA) basis, where you only pay when the user completes a desired action.
Eg: registering for a newsletter, subscribing to a trial, etc.

We contribute on your behalf. We take a portion of what you pay us per Action, and contribute that portion to the charitable cause. We can provide you with proof of the donation as well. Alternatively, we can provide you with the funds, and you can make the donation, as long as you provide us with proof of such donation.

Yes, the amount varies based on how much CPA we receive from the advertiser.

At this time, we focus on tier 1, English speaking countries. Eg: US, Canada, UK, AU

We have traffic from desktop, as well as mobile devices.

Again, there is no set up fee, flat fee or registration fee - we only charge advertisers per completed action. The cost per action depends on the complexity of that action. A process that requires a user to enter their email to subscribe for a newletter, would cost less than a process that requires a user to enter their credit card for a free trial of a service. Get in touch with us at and lets chat!

Simply click here to sign up for free as a publisher. You can also access the dashboard to see your earnings on our sister network,

You generate revenue when a user takes advantage of any of the offers provided. The amount varies on which offer they go for, and how much the advertiser pays us.

With the increase in use of ad blockers, your regular display ads as a source of revenue may not be suffice. AdsDonate marketplace allows you to promote top branded advertisers, and generate incremental revenue, while doing good.

While you have the option to place a banner ad promoting the Ads donate market place, you can also use a text link (eg: ‘Click here to donate’, or ‘Today’s Deals’) and save valuable banner real-estate that you can still use for other ads. You can even have the link as an item on your navigation menu bar.

Yes, we will get your logo or banner of your site and add it to your marketplace. That way, the continuity is there for the user, and it reinforces that your site is supporting the charity

Yes, if there is a special deal on the marketplace that you want to recommend to your users, through a post or recommendation, that is okay. You can direct them to go to your market place link and have them check out the offer.

You can check your stats at any time to see how much revenue you have generated. Once your earnings hit the $100 threshold, you are issued a check 15 days after the end of the month.